Diabolic Obsession

Monday, March 27, 2017

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Have you ever tried to free yourself from a bad habit but can’t seem to break the dependence of that habit? Everything you try leads you back to the habit, or you had some success but after some time has lapsed you found yourself right back to the bad habit you worked so hard to get away from.

This could be a form of Diabolic Obsession, an unseen influence by a evil spirit. An Exorcist once said the Devil not under every rock, and this is very true. Not everything that plagues us is caused by an evil entity. For example a tobacco smoker who can’t stop smoking may be influenced by the nicotine more than an evil spirit. We must take special care and investigation to prove or disprove a demonic attack like Obsession before we quickly blame one over the other.

One thing is for sure, Evil diabolical spirits will work ever so gradually to disguise themselves to make sure you never find the true nature of the source that’s causing your suffering. We still can do something to fight the battle either it be diabolical or natural in nature.


1)      Are you baptized?

2)      Make a new habit to pray the Lord’s Prayer, when you get up and right before bed.

3)      When asking for God help be detailed as possible, (i.e.) I would like to stop smoking.

4)      When you have the temptation to engage into the habit pray the Lord’s Prayer.

5)      Thank God and give him Praise.

6)      Imagine in your mind God and his Angels coming to your aid.

7)      Be persistent, long suffering, and believe. There is a battle going on.

8)      Be persistent, long suffering, and believe.  Yes listed twice.

9)      Tel others what you’re doing, they can pray with you, even for you.

10)   And always remember God son our savior Jesus Christ have already beaten the works of evil for us, we just have to deeply know it.



               If you need addition aid Contact us we can help.


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