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Please play the Latin prayers while viewing the petitions.

From: J.D. - Canada Holy Father help me with my Crisis of Faith please come to my aid. Amen

From: Angelica Dear Jesus help me overcome my disabilities, Amen

From: Rose S, In the name of Jesus, help me with my Depression.

From Glen A, God please help me with my fight with cancer, Heal me from this sickness.

From: Sharon H, Holy Father please aid me, aid my fight against Diabeties. Heal me of this sickness.


From: BMS I am asking Jesaus and Mother Mary to assist me in my healing process and that I may be completely clear.

From: Patricia My son is tormented by a demon disquised as 3 voices. Please help him

From B.M. Dear Jesus, Mother Mary, I pray for assistance to the healer (s) who are working with me to clear my body and aura that I may be free. Thank you. Amen

From: Jeanette Dear Lord, I need your help. I addressed the devil directly, in my sleep (I think) and a black mass was hovering over my husband and sucked into me.It looked through my eyes. It was the most frightening experience I've had. I instantly lost my connection to God. I cannot meditate and feel I need an exorcism. Please help me.


From: Frank Please petition our Lord to deliver me from a very aggressive evil oppression (demonic, I think) which I have been under since the 1970's, and to heal me. I have been prayed over and told that this oppression is like a "cap" of evil spirits over my head. Please pray the Lord to exorcise this awful affliction and to free me and heal me.

From: Carol Please pray for the healing of my children's mental health. I feel it is the work of demons. Thank you.

From Tanya Please pray for my siblings and my father. Please pray that the devil's power in my family will be destroyed.

From: Celestine I pray for my brain,soul and body. Please help with the prayers

From: Sean Please pray for my career.

From Ken I just want to ask for prayer for me and my family, protection spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

From : Alvin R. J. Crux Sancti Sit Mihi Lux, Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux I pray to our Lord, to give me blessing to bear witness His love to me through the Ministry of Spiritual Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare and established the SWAG (Spiritual Warfare Group) using the formula inscribe in the Medallion of Saint Benedict. Ut In Omnibus Glorificetur Dei

From Glen F delivered from blindness, neural damage and diabetes

From Benedict C Our Father, please grant the extended Chinnappa family your Divine Providence and Protection in perpetuity. I pray and thank you in the name of Jesus Christ, your only begotten son. Amen.

John and Suja May God give you healing and peace.

From Luis : All praise and glory to you Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for healing me of my cancer! Thank you for hearing the intercession of your servant St. Peregrine! I am recovering and still have some neuropathy that need healing, but I will gladly bear this burden as penance for my sins. Please help heal my marriage so that I may return to being the head of household and loved by my wife. Guide me to do your will so I may better serve you and regain the respect of my wife and children. DEO GRATIAS!

From Rose Pray for deliverance of my Father Jeremiah who is tied in and addicted to alcoholism, Pray for us for breakage of alcoholism bondage in the family.

For Stephanie and Son Issiah May God give you and your family protection from all evil.

For meshak,devaneedhi,jeya seeli, jhansi May God provide you and your family protection from all evil.

For Mary to be liberated from the greed for money.

For Patricia Thank you Lord for delivering me from a lifetime of sin. I pray that my children may know, love and serve you and come back to the Holy Catholic Church. Please help with our families physical, mental and spiritual problems.

For Andres, for the protection of my family from enemies.

For Chris. May God our Father help you, and give you strength, joy, and love thoughout you days.

For Marion I ask Jesus to free me and my fly from the Depressive thoughts and OCD. I ask for the intersession of Mother Mary, Virgin most powerful, St. Micheal , My Guardian Angle and all the saints of the catholic church.. Amen

For Ben, God please aid Ben in his health and help him and his wife to conceive a child.

For Frank, May God help you and your Family from depression and anxiety.

For Linda, Protect me my children and husband in their future endeavors guide us help us spiritually and emotionally financially keep us grateful for all God has given to us. Amen